About The Hollyfield Foundation

The Hollyfield Foundation is a Houston-based organization which supports a variety of GLBT and AIDS charities which make a difference in our community. In the last ten years, the Foundation has quietly given over $900,000 to GLBT non-profits, making the Houston area a better place for its GLBT citizens. Since its inception in 1994, this home-grown institution has made a substantial impact on Houston’s GLBT community through its financial support of more than 80 different organizations.

Board of Directors
Tammi Wallace
Frances Isbell
Todd Amdor
Mark Wood
Greg Barbutti
Janine Brunjes
Paul Carter
Vanessa Edwards Foster
John Nechman
Elizabeth McLane
Mags Perez
Donald Skipworth

Coy Tow



The Hollyfield Foundation
PO Box 66722
Wendy Harshbarger
Houston, TX 77266
Executive Director
(713) 523-6900

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